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Microsoft excel has stopped working windows 7 office 2010 free download.Excel not responding, hangs, freezes or stops working


Microsoft excel has stopped working windows 7 office 2010 free download.Excel 2010 has stopped working.


Question Info.Excel has stopped working. – Microsoft Community


At what stage does the problem happen? If нажмите для продолжения is on Save and you fere an HP printer driver it could be a well-known problem for which the workaround is to select a different printer driver eg a PDF writer worrking default while previewing, setting headers and footers etc.

Does it also happen if you open Excel in Safe mode hold ссылка на подробности Ctrl while launching Excel. Does the user have a drive Q: [which is indicative of a xecel install, which has some unique “features”]? Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this здесь help. Thanks for your microsoft excel has stopped working windows 7 office 2010 free download.

Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. He is having issues with Word and Excel. These are all centered on files brought from dree old computer, he wondered if that might be related. He has installed Service Pack 1 on Windows 7.

I’m wondering if there is correlation between older files and Office This thread is locked. You microsoft excel has stopped working windows 7 office 2010 free download follow the question or vote as offiice, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Bill Manville MVP. I and many others use old files in with no problems. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. This site in other languages x.


Microsoft excel has stopped working windows 7 office 2010 free download.Microsoft Excel has stopped workingbit Windows 7, bit Excel


I think you can start Excel in safe mode [hold ctrl key while startup]. The safe mode will disable add-ins and macros. None of my workbooks without macros have any problem. I found a solution, for now: that is to have all macro workbooks saved in compatibility mode, then everything works well like it did when using Excel I apologize for taking some time to get back to this thread. I have tested and re-tested and re-re-tested this and I cannot make bit Excel crash when opening a workbook with a macro.

Since you had mentioned the beta, JP, I wanted to you check the version of Excel you are running. Mine is Can you let me know what yours says? Also, please answer these questions: 1. Did you ever have a beta version of the bit Excel Office installed on this machine? Assuming you are running the release version we can tell by the version number and if you did have a beta version of Office bit or bit on the machine, or a beta of Excel bit or bit, did you upgrade to the release version or did you uninstall the beta and then install the release version?

I recommend you to open your crashed file as “diable all macro” and check at “diable all trusted document”. Finally, make excel option back as “enable all macro” and uncheck at “diable all trusted document”.

While Excel bit is a very capable system and is stable under most circumstances Microsoft does recommend that unless the additional features of the bit platform are needed the bit version of the product should be the one used.

This is based on compatibility with the greatest number of existing applications, addins and components that uses and interact with these applications. I and the support staff at Microsoft understand your frustration with the use of the bit version of Excel and are very willing to assist however, the scope of this problem is well beyond the troubleshooting through this forum.

I would recommend though that if you need the bit version for your project and are continuing to receive crashes, you seek support through one of our Paid support processes at the Professional level.

Please visit the below link to see the various paid support options that are available to better meet your needs. I truly hope that you find this information helpful and are able to regain the Fun that you apparently had once before.

Initially my workbook was MB and it crashed continuously in Excel despite working fine in Excel although it was just under the maximum memory limitations in It never worked in Excel , since the maximum memory limitations in that version are 2x the size of Excel , but requires more than 2x the memory to open the same files. I was looking forward to taking advantage of multi-threaded calculation capability in Excel , which was my main reason for upgrading from In any case, after extensive work I reduced the size of my workbook to MB by writing code in Perl to compile my data so that I could copy it into Excel as values via a VBA macro, as opposed to linking the data directly from other files.

I hoped this would solve the problems that were leading to crashing. This is extraordinarily disappointing To read that MS recommends that I pay for additional tech support is even more disappointing, especially since I’m not authorized to allow 3rd parties to view the data in the workbook, so I’m largely committed to solving the problem on my own.

Tech support wouldn’t be able to work with the file anyways I had a feeling these problems might be systemic in Excel I suppose now I know that to be the case I’m basically forced to continue working in Excel which means I cannot take advantage of the extraordinarily expensive computer I spent a long time acquiring the budget to purchase, and which I built myself from components yes, it runs perfectly fine, and has been checked for stability by our IT dept twice since I built it How can MS have any respect for it’s own software development when I’m forced to run 7 year old software because all releases since have not been forward compatible with my files?

Glad I read this, I shall be avoiding for a good while. It is not good enough to launch a flawed product and then seek money to put it right. For what it is worth I value my time and if I had gone through the pains that others had I would be seeking compensation – Paul. As I have been watching this thread for some time I see the pain I do wish I could reproduce the issue and be able to correct it for each and everyone of you. Maybe some of you could provide some insight for me and the others that are in support as to the specific reasons that you have chosen to try and move to the 64bit edition of the Excel Application.

Through reading this thread the biggest thing that I can see is the use of the larger memory address capable in the 64bit application. Is there more to this than just the memory capability? EXE, version: Faulting module name: VBE7. DLL, version: 7. Exception code: 0xc Fault offset: 0xb Faulting process id: 0x11dc. Faulting application start time: 0x01cb7a0dcdec7.

Report Id: 6add-edfdb-e0cb4ebac53c. For the record, I was well aware of the caveats put out by Microsoft with the release of bit Excel prior to my purchase.

However, I needed no compatibility with any other applications, I use no add-ins and needed no ‘interactions’; so I felt safe. I trusted their words. And I understand the scope of this problem and the limitations of this board. But I hope this thread will serve as a caution to others. I have a clean machine. It’s virtually all Microsoft with the latest Office suite and even Security Essentials.

Yet I have spreadsheets that didn’t crash even once with Excel that crash routinely with bit This was a known problem in the beta release that Microsoft could not or would not correct.

Rather than stating outright that bit Excel was unstable, the lack of specificity in Microsoft’s admonitions indicates that the cautionary verbiage was intentionally obfuscating the issue.

And that’s, now, my issue. Microsoft needs to fess-up, publically acknowledge the problem and state their correction efforts outright. All that aside, to be fair, it is equally noteworthy that with bit Excel Microsoft has produced a spreadsheet program that is far superior to any other on Earth.

So I guess I’ll ‘understand’ and wait for the update that will correct everything. This board automatically edited my last post without attribution. To begin with, there was nothing wrong with my post as originally submitted. But if you insist on editing my words you need to state that on the post. To revise my words without acknowledging responsibility is flat-out wrong. I have the same frustration and loss of productivity with Excel and a very similar experience to the other users in this forum, except my problem is with the Excel 32bit version.

Here is my situation:. I am using Office Professional with Windows 7. The installation was successful and I have no other issues with any Office programs except Excel It may allow me to do up to 3 print previews before I go to save the document and it crashes and attempts to recover the data or just shuts Excel down after a few times. All other Office program functions work fine and I have checked my printer driver with a Microsoft utility and it reports no issues. I cant click the print preview button on the quick access toolbar without it crashing Excel and restarting.

After 3 of these instances excel shuts down. When I do this it crashes excel as above. To try to solve this problem, I went online to Microsoft Answers where I got some responses from a MS Engineer who obviously didnt know what the cause was or how to fix it.

He now does not respond, although another user also responded saying he had exactly the same problem. Change the default printer to Microsoft XPS Document writer or to OneNote and then try to print preview using the Excel document and verify the status. Refer the link below to change the default printer.

If it works fine, then click on the link below to update the printer drivers:. If the above steps fail, you can repair excel by referring the link below and check if it works fine. Start the computer in clean boot and check if it works fine. Refer the article below to start the computer in clean boot:. Where is this file saved locally or on a network location?

Does it contain any Macro? Does this issue happen with one specific file or with all excel files? I have been getting the following errors in Excel for about 3 months and they are getting more frequent I have Win 7 Pro :. Microsoft Excel may be able to save the file by removing or repairing some. To make the repairs in a new file, click Continue.

To cancel saving the. AutoRecover has been disabled for this session of Excel. I have a solution that so far has worked for me everytime. All I did was insert a blank module and saved it. Problem solved. I was then able to reopen the file and everything was fine. Kind of silly but whatever works. Problem signature:.

Application Version: Application Timestamp: 4b9c Fault Module Version: 7.