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And SO Much More. I’m an author. Membership requires a valid email address. Insomnia or sleeplessness is one form of a sleeping disorder that doesn’t enable the person to sleep or stay asleep for long. Insomnia can strike any one, at You Can Become Rich! You downloax become rich, happy and terr A nightmarish town that wants to eat them alive. When fate brings the Leo Felix is a young man whose life became miserable at the age of five. He is not alone… there is a tough rival after the girl too.

As he gets closer to the girl, his first and only lover who disappeared years ago reappears. He has to make a decision. What decision will he make? Will the decision take him to light or lead him deep into darkness? The forbidden is always irresistible. Being married to a powerful businessman, feared all-over Portland, Mia Kingston has a reputation to /25740.txt. Her life Her life is filled with glamour from the outside, but quite a void she doesn’t discern until she collector book review free download deeply into her desire for true love and freedom when she gets involved with the man she isn’t supposed to.

But what if the price collector book review free download pay is too high? Will Mia succeed to keep her love and freedom? In this story, Joanna will tell her friends, cree she wants to be when she collector book review free download up and encourage them to also think about that!

Boko Kira Jones finally decides to take a six-week summer vacation, her best and dowwnload friend, Samantha, drags her into a trip out of California. What awaits i What awaits in the way is something Kira has never fathomed at all, as her life gets a serious turn.

She meets a mysterious ranch owner whom her friend already has eyes for, and Kira rfview herself drawn near him in a very strange way. What will win in the end between the power of love and friendship? A compelling time travelling ссылка на продолжение novel. Shirley meets, falls in collector book review free download and marries Jeffrey.

Shirley however, has a secret will Jeffrey discover it? He becom He collectlr very suspicious of her strange behaviour and comings and goings. Thinking she is having an affair he follows her to The Secret Cave.

This is an emotional and exciting Science fiction tale full of twists and turns. Discover collector book review free download astonishing secrets of how to make massive profits in real investing. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about 5 questions you must How to earn a solid income online!

Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about type collector book review free download legitimate online businesses,service based businesses,affilia An introduction to internet marketing. Inside this eBook you will find topics about what is fee Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, email Arsene Lupin, a gentleman thief, steals priceless paintings in his own private collection and brilliantly evades the police.

Set in an engrossing, fully realized fantasy world, Aloren is a romantic, young adult retelling of the classic fairy tale The Wild Swans. Reyna Lauriad is a G Five school friends are dragged unwittingly into a world of menace as they booo embroiled in an revew feud between two Mayan brothers. The Mayan proph Morgan Rice did a good job spinning an interesting twist on what could have been a typical vampire tale.

The outcome of these major battles was decisive. Bill Downloqd has already demonstrated, in his previously published works, collector book review free download he is able to relate important war history in a manner which keeps the student of The author approaches this subject on several levels: grand strategy, the difficulties collector book review free download coalition warfare, the personalities of the commanders some of whom In the near future, a wealthy baseball player’s wife will go to any lengths to experience motherhood.

With her husband’s reluctant help and the aid of the mys Well, maybe it’s three percent insipid. Anyway, you Learn How to turn subscribers into paying customers using ethical email marketing.

Scale your collector book review free download to 7-figure in any niche, as affiliate, digital publish Are you eating simply to satisfy your appetite or to make your taste buds happy? Or are you eating in order to take better command of your life? In this eBook Self Help Lessons By Best Sellers is a synopsis is collector book review free download to provide you with self help lessons from various best-selling books that will be very helpful for a It is puzzling to many Is the fact that you would like to change your health and get a handle on diab Inside this eBook, you will discover the to We all know that stress is bad for us and this is something we get told very often.

Stress can shorten your lifespan. Ruin your enjoyment. Cause serious illne In this ebook, you will learn продолжить чтение topics about finding the perfect home This is the first great fantasy novel ever written. Tolkien, C. A murderer is convinced that the loud beating of his victim’s heart will give him away to the police.

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When I grow up! Downloads: Pages: 24 Published: Mar The Coldest Summer by Grace Gervas in Romance When Kira Jones finally decides to take a six-week summer vacation, her best and only friend, Samantha, drags her into a trip out of California. Great Heist Novels! Best YA Free-eBooks! Mother’s Day Reading List! Latest Arrivals Collector book review free download All Stress less Downloads: 0 Pages: 35 Published: Jul Happy 4th of July weekend! What the Dickens!!! Amazon is working on a foldable Kindle!


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The US Review of Books connects authors with professional book reviewers and places their book reviews in front of subscribers to our free monthly newsletter of fiction book reviews and nonfiction book reviews.

Learn why our publication is different than most others, or read author and publisher testimonials about the USR. One of the most alluring and powerful things about poetry is that it offers the poet the opportunity to say things indirectly, using the simple selection of words to make the ordinary magical. The same care is given to poems about bad hospital food and the dread of an unpleasant diagnosis or a dying friend.

This collection of poems broaches these big and small eventualities of life with the same gravity, processing them with the same levity. It illustrates how the same coping tools can tackle any problem, and how a sardonic but compassionate view will find the silver lining in any challenge.

Award-winning author and widely acclaimed voice teacher Stoney opens a vast realm of exploration and examination for becoming and being a singer. His techniques are shared here in a mind-stirring combination of idea-laden narrative and graphic images that focus on the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of song making.

The large-format guidebook begins with breathing. As with each detail covered, artist Mark Pate’s full-color cartoons expertly illustrate the segments in this opening chapter. Here they show the structure and location of the diaphragm, which controls a person’s breathing, and from which the singer’s deepest power may emanate. Yet even here, as throughout this work, Stoney reminds readers that vocal artists for whom any particular skill is challenging can “sing like never before.

In addition to breathing techniques, Stoney’s succinct advice covers in simple but intelligent terms such important areas of a singer’s concentration as resonance, posture, the tongue, jaw and mouth, vocal health, performance, and the crucial understanding and utilization of vocal folds.

Candelaria is one of many women in this story. She discovers her true self, and the power to thrive, after surviving multiple traumas: the loss of her family’s home and parents when she was a child and, later, the loss of her husband as well as her feeling of responsibility for a difficult son.

Ultimately, she rejoices in her Mexican and Native-American heritage and a rare ability to tell stories. Those epiphanies, as well as positive relationships with her daughter, Rosa, and a determined woman named Esther, Candelaria’s good and bad memories of her past, a spiritual counselor, a connection to her mother that transcends death, and other major transitions help Candelaria to develop a life that is liberated from rage and fear, a life that becomes personally empowering.

In her second book of collected poetry, the author has organized her musings and insights into six categories. Each chapter follows the themes of home, animals, places, riddles, caffeine and wine, and family respectively. The home chapter is the most explored, following memories of homemaking and raising children with all the energy and chaos they can bring.

The chapter on animals considers the impact of family pets and wonders what life would be like in animal form. The chapter on places recalls old residences and other colorful memories of location. When writing on the theme of riddles, the poet considers things that are somewhat contradictory or mysterious about life. Not surprisingly, the chapter on caffeine and wine is a treat for the sense of taste, using language to express flavor.

Finally, when exploring the topic of family, Goka revisits the endless tasks of homemaking, as well as considering her dual role as both mother and child. This book covers the miraculous efforts of Pat Craig, the founder of Colorado’s The Wild Animal Sanctuary—a place where more than wild animals call home. The story begins after Craig rescues a baby jaguar, Freckles, and continues through forty years of environmental and conservation awareness.

It examines the rise in popularity of shows like Tiger King and the United States’ lack of federal oversight regarding large animal ownership.

It introduces readers to the sanctuary’s “ground-breaking, species-driven, and carefully tailored animal rehabilitation programs. Readers also learn about the captive wildlife crisis permeating America and vicariously travel through decades of hard work, well-earned patience, and the continued and recent expansion of the sanctuary in a new Texas installation. Lost and adrift in the foster care system, Eban retreats to the ocean, where he is drawn to a pod of bottlenose dolphins that he discovers swimming near his coastal town.

Initially, he connects to the patterns of sounds coming from the dolphins. As he spends more time with the pod, he begins to see these amazing animals as the family that has eluded him all his life. In a lovely twist on the coming-of-age tale, Eban joins the pod of dolphins and escapes into a world he chooses rather than remain to suffer in the human world that leaves him sad and disconnected. Growing up with the dolphins as his family, Eban becomes a beautiful bridge and healing force for animals and humans.

With a deep knowledge of the oceans and the needs of dolphins, Eban is able to channel his experience into environmental activism, and his life becomes an inspirational call to action for all young people.

In times gone by, there were plenty of reasons the West was referred to as wild. The present, however, does not take a back seat to the past where action and adventure are concerned in this rough and tumble tome of turbulent times in contemporary New Mexico and Colorado.

Author Knop makes today’s West come alive with vivid characterizations, authentic place setting, intricate plotting, plus a respect for the land and its inhabitants that comes across as absolutely sincere and not simply tacked on for politically correct purposes.

His depictions of modern-day Native Americans encompass their very real struggles with today’s problems while acknowledging their connections to the sacred ways of their ancestors. This odd dichotomy of ancient races living and working in modern times infuses Knop’s story with additional insight and interest woven from an intense study into his literary cast.

He knows his characters, how he wants to honestly depict them, as well as the engaging scenarios he wraps around them. The author is working at the top of his game, as both his narrative and the way it is told grab readers early and hold them tight until the very end. A bashful and humble turtle overcomes the powerful temptation to retreat into his shell and shares a gift he did not know he was capable of giving in this new book by children’s author Bate.

It’s time for them to get moving, as they are preparing a big birthday surprise for someone who lives in Critter Town. In Greek mythology, the legendary Trojan War is universally recognized for the carnage it caused and the notion that it stemmed from ego-fueled ambitions of attaining Helen, anointed as the most beautiful woman in the world.

With this tale as inspiration, Fritsch peels back the curtain even more and spins a complex web of secrets and revelations that keep the audience engaged throughout. Humans are born with the potential to learn languages. This ability does not leave us as we age.

Retention of such a juvenile characteristic as the need or desire to communicate is called neoteny. Through language, we have achieved such goals as effective agriculture and the establishment of complex societies by means of our ability to name their components, such as tools or laws.

Human communication is the most outwardly apparent sign of humanity’s potential for creativity and innovation. Such creativity also manifests itself in the production of music and other art forms.

Ultimately, a perpetually inquisitive human brain is likely to remain healthier—that is, more adaptable to new ideas—than that of someone who deliberately or otherwise stops learning. In a society where pet and particularly dog ownership is becoming more and more integrated into family and individual life, an aspect of pet ownership that all pet lovers must face is the passing of one’s beloved friend. As dog lovers encounter this difficult time, the grieving process proves itself as intricate, intimate, and individual as the grieving process one experiences when losing any human family member.

More so, in a dog-eat-dog world where even the smallest ounce of puppy love from a therapy or family dog can make the largest difference, these humorous tributes—sure to make readers laugh, cry, and remember all at the same time—are one author’s attempt to bring peace and healing to the lives of dog owners who have lost their best friend.

Natalie, a brilliant young computer science student, is raped by a footballer at their college. Familiar with trauma since her parents’ death, this latest tragedy triggers her usual response: disappearance.

She hacks into government sites to change her identity, outs her attacker to the news, and escapes. She and Mario, a mentor hacker she befriends online, meet in the Sierras. Over hikes, confessions, and self-defense training, they fall in love. But their safety dissolves when Mario’s enemies locate them. Natalie hides out in Seattle, then joins the military, deployed to Iraq, where she is further traumatized by war and more predatory men.

Her wizard-like computer skills afford her a way out of the troubled country. Working at a firm outside of Washington, D. Christian artist and musician Harjo has constructed a thorough, thoughtful treatise focusing on the ideal relationship between human beings and God.

She begins with a basic view of that relationship, questioning the reader in clear, rational terms. Do we worship the stars or God who made them? Do we believe that worldly knowledge can save us, or must we look beyond, to an “authoritative Truth that cannot be compromised”?

In what do we base our identity? What is our ultimate, utmost purpose? By this means, the author stretches the mind beyond its usual realms of spiritual examination. She is not eclectic but selective in her guidance towards leading a God-centered life. She decries some televangelism as a kind of religious “junk food” and suggests that certain sorts of worship emphasize apparent miracles and wonders rather than their source. She warns that one can be a “nominal” Christian who simply takes in a few spoonsful of religion on a regular basis with the appeal of elaborate rituals, a phenomenon she calls “churchianity.

Demonstrating the dichotomy between a life lived in two entirely different worlds, Jones holds nothing back in describing her own journey and providing a pathway for others to achieve the same level of peace. At its core, the narrative is an opportunity to experience authentic introspection and tackle heavy topics like anger and resentment head-on.

Using what he has learned in his thirty years of travel in the study of archaeological sites around the world, Kreger offers a comprehensive work that traces the origin of many of our holiday traditions to Neolithic beliefs.

The author constructs a “Wheel of Time”—”a complete and concise model of all the special days of the year observed by our ancestors and what they might have meant to them. Many illustrations of the wheel which emphasize and explain his premise are included. Kreger also refers to literature, such as the writings of Julius Caesar, the Venerable Bede, and the various legends of King Arthur to further expound upon his conclusions.

Using diligent research and an evident thirst for knowledge of her personal ancestry, author Fortnum has composed this chronicle presenting the highlights of the people and happenings in her mother’s family. She knew that the family hailed from two villages in North Oxfordshire, England.

She surmises that James may have been born a Quaker since there was a Quaker meeting in the area. His surname likely indicated his occupation. His son John, a weaver, had four boys and two girls, the girls having been mentioned in a will found in local annals. The Page surname flowed through the author’s ancestry until the generation following that of her grandfather, Harry James Page—a miller whose daughter Muriel, born in , met and married John Fortnum during the time of the Second World War.

The author was their child, born in She still resides in the house where she was born. Hemingway is credited with saying, “All good books have one thing in common—they are truer than if they had really happened. The literary conceit is simple enough: suppose the Germans had apprehended General Patton. However, the plot that follows is anything but simple, as the highest echelons of U.

Command plan an incredibly desperate mission to simultaneously hide his capture from the world and rescue the fabled warrior. In this celebration of color, the natural world, and the self, young readers enter a bright, beautiful world where imperfection leads to new creations: “Eek!

Wolves and pandas emerge from “drizzled drops of sprinkled gray. This novel is a highly imaginative romp through a world made of mediums, necromancers, werewolves, werebears, and naga-snakes. Then there is the sidhe, or faerie folk, who it seems are very ancient, very opulently attired, and given to petty court intrigues amped up to a ten. Only her father has been dead for a long time, and his body looks twenty years younger.